Offering The Best Childhood Preparation for Social and Academic Success.



The Goddard School Kids Club picks up where school leaves off! From the moment school-age children step through the door, they get help with their homework and chances to play with their friends. We also offer fun, hands-on activities that help reinforce what children learn in school to enhance their educational experiences.


Created for parents looking for an outstanding before- and after-school childcare program, The Kids Club offers excellent and convenient options for the care of elementary school children. We provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for social interaction and learning experiences before, during and after school hours. 


Contact The Goddard School for details on the program and its availability during elementary school holidays and early dismissal days.


All programs are customized to your child’s progress, needs and age.


AdvancED Corporation Accreditation 2009
Middle States Corporate Accreditation 2011


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