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Family Connect

The Goddard School focuses on providing high-quality childcare, and The Goddard School faculty is here for you and your family every day. Goddard School owners, education directors and teachers prioritize communication, especially communication about your child's daily care and activities.

We keep you informed through a variety of communication methods, including the following:

Daily Activity Reports

When you pick up your child, you receive a Daily Activity Report that highlights what your child did that day. The teacher will also record how long your child napped, how much lunch your child ate and how well your child is doing with potty training. The teacher always writes a note about a special moment of your child’s day.

Family-Teacher Conferences

We also offer regularly scheduled conferences throughout the year to discuss children’s progress and behaviors with their parents. Goddard School teachers provide tips and insights to guide parents through learning and developmental milestones.

Organized Goddard Community Events

At The Goddard School, we organize many events throughout the year to build the connections and relationships in each School and its community.

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